Palma Aquarium

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Enjoy a day in the biggest aquarium in Mallorca. In Palma Aquarium you can admire some of the most impressive marine creatures from all the oceans in the world. You will be amazed by the sharks that live in the Big Blue, the deepest tank in Europe.

Palma Aquarium is a unique experience in Mallorca! Come and enjoy a trip through the oceans through 55 tanks full of marine life: sharks, clown fish, surgeon fish, fish balloons and many more... (8000 specimens of 700 species) Explore the different areas of indoor and outdoor where you can enjoy the Mediterranean climate and do not miss the different activities that the marine park offers for both adults and children.

The largest sample of live corals in Europe. The only landscape seentogether, one of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in the world.

Interactive and educational touch screens.

Interactive tactile pools (with starfish, with sea urchins and many more)

Children’s entertainment (paints faces, wars of water balloons, mini disco ...). Two play areas (in the outdoor area: the pirate ship, the bouncy castle and the splash area, inside: soft play area)

The area of the Jungle is the largest roof jungle in Europe and fantastically recreates the microclimate, fauna, flora and waterfalls of the Amazon Basin.



 Entrance Ticket to Palma Aquarium



Boat to see the sharks (Shark Vision Boat).

Dive with sharks.

Diving / Diving with fish (only in summer).


Bring comfortable clothes and shoes.